Christmas Colored Nick Nacks in April?



Some of you may be asking yourselves “why is she blogging about Christmas colored nick nacks in April?” and the answer to that question is I don’t know!

I love Christmas! With a sincere passion, as I am sure that many of you do. I genuinely feel happier and more upbeat come Christmas time than I do during any other time of the year. People are constantly singing, abc family has some of the greatest Christmas movies on, the music is fantastic, and oh yea you get presents! You get to get and give presents! What could be better than that?

I came across all the items featured above in my house and I thought “well why don’t I photograph them because they look so good together!” The bottle is some sort of decoration and has a cool metal handle/flip kind of thing that seals the top. I believe the tin box was originally filled with cookies from last Christmas and now makes the cutest little decoration. Last but not least are my sisters clear, heart-shaped sunglasses. Not sure what the point of heart-shaped clear sunglasses is but they are adorable and look good on everyone.

Just photographing a bunch of Christmas colored items made me significantly happier even though Christmas is 9 months away. Part of me wishes that people were always as happy as they are around Christmas time, but I guess part of the joy of the holiday is that it only comes once a year.

I encourage everyone to feel as happy as they do during Christmas time, everyday. Maybe looking through some of your holiday decorations will inspire you to feel those holiday feelings you get in December. Just because it is months away doesn’t mean you can’t feel the spirit all year round!

I hope you all have a lovely day!


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A Piece of My Past: Soccer Tournament Pins

I wanted to do a segment in which I showcase a piece of my past every once in a while on my blog! For my first feature I wanted to show some of the soccer pins that I received when I was just a little tike and played for the American Youth Soccer Organization.

I played soccer from the time I was 7 till the time that I was 18 and I always really enjoyed it. I signed up originally because everyone and their mother played soccer around me and I continued playing because I developed a sincere love for the game. I met some of my best friends in the world on the soccer field and I am so glad thankful for all the experiences that I had throughout my time as a soccer player.

As I got older and practiced more I got a lot better and made the All Star Team every season that I played. All Star’s was made up of two or three of the best soccer players from each team in your age group. We traveled all around SoCal often playing three games a day. We stayed in hotels, went out to dinner together, and sometimes even won these tournaments. No matter if you won the entire tournament or came in last place, every girl went home with a shiny metal pin baring them emblem of the tournament. We all would pin them on our custom made soccer backpacks with our names stitched on the backs, as almost a nonverbal way to communicate to all the other girls at the tournaments that we had paid our dues and were experienced players and also because they looked cool.

My time as a soccer player has come and gone but I kept all my pins as a way to remind me of all the places that I went, friends that I made, and how hard I worked just as a little kid.

Do you guys still have any pieces from your childhood that you can not part with? I would love to know if so!

I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend!


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The Importance of Jotting Down your Thoughts

Anyone who has read this blog for like one minute is aware that I have an obsession with jotting down my thoughts and ideas. I always have multiple journals at one time and whenever I have an idea that I think is absolutely brilliant I have to write it down right away. I am not sure why I do this, its kind of something that I have always done since I was little and unlike wetting the bed I thought it was a good character trait that I should maintain throughout adulthood.

At any given time I have a motivational journal, daily planner, journals for the projects that I am working on, (including my blog) and even a diary. It seems like every element of my life is written in some journal on the floor in my room. Clearly I care for them dearly.

Although, I occasionally can not find these journals, like when my sister stole my diary and I had a mental breakdown (that was last week) I take the act of handwritten journal jointing (like the name?) very seriously. I believe that it has genuinely helped me throughout my life organize my thoughts and most importantly not forget all my fabulous ideas. Like an app that allows you to take a picture of an actor and see what movies they have appeared in. However, that could lead to pandemonium and people would become paparazzi and we already have enough of those…I can see Russell Crowe now screaming in the streets saying “I’m the f$%#ing Gladiator, how do you not know that?” So not all my ideas are very good.

Anyways, the real reasons why I believe writing down your thoughts is very important are the same reasons that everyone who has ever written anything believes that they are important. Because you now have created a place to work on and perfect your idea. You have taken the time to create something that you believe in and can later go back and refine until you have shaped it into what you want it to be. Because we have thousands of thoughts everyday and there is no way that we can keep track of all of them and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. So we can have something to look back on in our old and lovely age and say “oh my! I was crazy in my twenties!” And because we are all innovative creators with brilliant ideas and thoughts we don’t necessarily want to share with everyone via social media. Clearly, I don’t apply to that one.

All in all this post was written to encourage everyone to write more, especially by hand, that concept is going out the window faster than America’s lustrous feelings for James Franco and its sad. Jot down a doodle or two and you will be happy that you did so later on in life. Also, it may help you see plainly what you value and find important.

I hope you all have a lovely hump day!


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Fitness Fail


Recently, I have been trying to get more into shape. Everyone in my family is very fit and watching them work out all the time has inspired me to try to tone up those problem areas a little more. I do not desire to lose any weight because I am already very petite but I would like to have a more defined figure. Some form of a bottom would be nice. Below is a very rough outline of the work out regime that I have been doing in the mornings.

30 min on the Elliptical
150 crunches
100 swats
A lot of jumping jacks
A bunch of lunges
2 sets of one min wall-sits

As you can see my work out regime is not exactly organized in anyway as I am not sure what exercises I should be doing to achieve the form that I want but I can tell you that I am exhausted after doing so. I will be researching exercises and will let you guys know when I have come up with a plan that works for me. Until then I would like to hear what you guys do for exercise! Whether its going to the gym, hiking, bike riding, swimming or whatever. And do you have any suggestions for me? I’m in need of some help clearly!

I hope you have a lovely day!


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My Dental Hygiene Routine


I wanted to discuss a topic that is very near and dear to my heart and that is dental hygiene!
I know that this is a weird topic to discuss because you probably don’t really care about whats going on in my mouth but dental hygiene is extremely important and I wanted to share the routine I use to maintain a fresh, beautiful smile.

Brush my Teeth
I brush my teeth using a regular, non electronic tooth brush for about a minute, making sure I don’t miss a single tooth and rotate my brush in different angles for the best results. I use Colgate tooth paste but for the purposes of this photo I use Aim.

Use the Tongue Scrapper
After I have brushed my teeth I use a Tongue Scrapper which I purchased from Rite Aid to scrap off any excess material on my tongue. I really love this little guy because after you use it you can see all the plaque and bacteria that is left behind on your tongue that it helps get rid of.

Use the Placker
I’m not sure why these little guys are called Plackers but they are great nonetheless. A Placker is pretty much a little flossing tool that has a pick at the end. Similar to the ones that they use at the dentist for getting into those hard to reach places between your teeth. I first floss between all my teeth and flip up the little pick on the end to finish off the job.

Mouthwash is my favorite thing because it leaves your mouth feeling very fresh and clean. I use Listerine which not only has a lovely scent, but helps fight plaque build up and bacteria. It can be strong but I know there is a more mild form than the original along with a kids kind as well.

Occasional Whitening with Crest White Strips
When I want to whiten my teeth I use Crest White Strips. There are a lot of forms of white strips and mouth guards used for whitening out there but this is the one that has worked best for me. I usually leave it on for about 20 minutes every once in a while and it truley whitens my teeth.

That is my dental hygiene routine folks! I am sorry that it was so graphic but I really wanted to let you in on how I clean my teeth. This is my routine for in the morning. I brush my teeth twice a day but at night I usually only use the tongue scrapper along with my tooth brush. If you have any questions please feel free to write it in the comments and let me know if you guys have any tips and tricks for tooth brushing!

I hope you have a lovely day!


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5 Things I am Grateful for this Week!


Hi everyone!

This week hasn’t exactly been the best week so far this year but nonetheless I have many things to be grateful for and I would like to share them with you.

To have such a hilarious Gramma! 
I kid you not when I say that my Gramma is one of the most hilarious people in the world. She keeps me laughing and always has a really positive outlook on life. She knows just about everyone in Los Angeles and I am always amazed when we go to a restaurant and she seems to know everyone there but I guess when you are that amazing people gravitate towards you.

To have such a loving and beautiful mother.
This week was my moms “27th” (actually 42nd) birthday and we all went out to dinner and had a great time! She is such a happy, beautiful soul and even through tough times she always keeps her head up and I admire her strength so much.

To have spent time with my friends.
This week I got the chance to hang out with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and it is always so fun to catch up with people you don’t always get the chance to see and share your weird, adult stories with them. I live for those sorts of moments and I am so grateful to have such kind friends who I can just laugh and shoot the breeze with.

Hot water 
Earlier this week I turned on the shower, waited for it to heat up, and hopped in only to alarmed by the freezing cold temperature of the water. Something was wrong with the heater and if I wanted to take a shower I would have to take one with cold water. Luckily it was fixed the next day but I realized that I take the presence of hot water for granted. There are so many people who do not have access to hot water or even clean drinking and bathing water and that experience has made me more aware of how fortune I am to have hot water, something that I previously have taken for granted.

All my followers! 
I wanted to give a much overdo shout out to everyone who follows and reads my blog. You guys are the reason that I created this site and I really appreciate all your kind words and comments. I love interacting with everyone online and my little space on the interweb where I can share my thoughts and opinions with you all has made me a much happier person. I can’t thank you guys enough!

I hope you guys have a happy Sunday and a great week!


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Rock with the Block: iHome iBN24


A while ago I purchased an iHome mini boombox from Best Buy and we have been inseparable ever since. Actually not ever since because the speaker for the first one that I purchased actually blew out right when I got home to test it and I ended up having to go back to the store to get a new one. I guess I was just jammin’ too hard…but after Best Buy kindly exchanged by broken one for a perfectly functioning new one, ever since THEN we have been separable.

It is called the iHome iBN24 mini Bluetooth speaker and not only it it portable but it is wireless so you can connect it to the Bluetooth on your phone and rock out with your block out without ever having to use a wire.

I have used this little guy on road trips and just in my room when I am getting ready and he is great (yes it’s a he) because I can still use my phone and walk around the house while the music is playing with no problem. He also gets very good range and is pretty loud for just a little box. I think wireless boombox devices such as this are perfect for a day at the beach so you don’t have to lunge around a giant battery powered speaker. You can just charge one of these right on up and carry it in the palm of your hand!

Happy Friday!


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